Best Robotic Kits for Elementary School Students

In this post, we’ve hand picked what we consider some of the best robotic kits for elementary school students. These are the best robotic kits for kids aged 6-10, and have been evaluated on the criteria that they provide a soft introduction to robotics without any prerequisite knowledge needed. These kits are a good introduction to the concept of a robot without going into any technical details. These kits will cover concepts such as mechanical movement and robotic objects, without any programming involved. This list is ideal for parents or educators looking for robotic classroom activities! Check out what we consider the best robotics kits for elementary school students below:

Kids First Robot Factory: Wacky, Misfit, Rogue Robots STEM Experiment Kit

  • Introductory mechanical engineering kit for kids age 5+
  • A beautifully-illustrated storybook manual follows Ty and Karlie, two young engineers, as they help fix some wacky robots at the robot factory!
  • Clear and detailed step-by-step assembly instructions guide children to build 8 motorized models of the rogue robots from the story.
  • Model building develops fine motor skills: compatible with other Kids First early engineering kits, the large cubic building components are perfect for the target age group.
  • Motor box: The included battery-powered motor box is what gets the models moving! (2 AA batteries required, not included)

KangoKids Robot Kit – Learn Engineering with a DIY Robotics Kit with 4 Bots

  • Introductory STEM kit for kids age 8+
  • Made of multiple high-quality components. The robot for kids motor and unique connectors ensure the parts work well together. The build a robot set includes a magnetic screwdriver and detailed instructions, making this one of the most value for money building kits for kids.
  • Kit was designed by a science teacher who saw the need for a high-quality DIY robot kit for kids. A Brand You Can Trust: Kango Kids is a small, US-owned company owned by a science teacher and homeschool mom
  • Kid robotics sets and kids engineer toys will spark the curiosity in your little one, and they’d want to explore science and engineering more!

5 Set STEM Kit,DC Motors Electronic Assembly Robotic Kit DIY STEM Toys for Kids

  • Introductory STEM kit for kids age 8+
  • Specially STEM education LABS Kit:The 5 erector set are designed to enhance children’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills.
  • Easy to assemble: Includes 1 mini screwdriver and detailed instructions make it much easier and convenient to assemble the stem kits. Requires 2 AA batteries.(Not Included)
  • Complete All in One Kit: Contains 5 set module parts, can be build Mini Tank, Doodling Robot, Aircraft Car ,Mini Conveyor, Ferris Wheel

Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits: Doodling, Balance Car, Reptile Robot

  • Introductory mechanical stem kit for kids age 8+
  • Kids can create electronic builds with their own hands, using the motors, wires and all parts included. Make learning more fun, learn basic principles of simple circuit, motors, mechanical and engineering. Stimulate their curiosity and creativity.
  • DIY Instruction Booklet: Clear and complete science guide booklet for kids to follow, let your kids to explorer their own world independently. Exercise their ability to solve the problems.

Thames & Kosmos, ReBotz: Rebooted Robots 4-Pack

  • Introductory STEM kit for kids age 6+
  • This bundle comes with 4 separate robot themed learning kits
  • Learn how different mechanisms make the robot models move in fun ways.
  • Conduct experiments with cams, springs, sliders, cranks, motors, wheels, and levers.
  • Mix and match the parts from different kits to make your own wacky robotic creations that look like they’re made from recycled parts.
  • Battery-powered motors.

Thames & Kosmos SpringBots STEM Kit | Build 3 Spring-Powered Robots

  • Introductory STEM kit for kids age 6+
  • 3-in-1 engineering kit: Assemble three cool robots, wind them up, and watch them go–no batteries required!
  • The models are powered by a mainspring, the main device found in old-fashioned clocks.
  • Models include a race car that drives up to 60 feet, a robot that walks up to 20 inches, and a countdown timer that counts down up to 6 minutes.
  • Includes a 64-page, full-color manual with clear language, simple step-by-step illustrated instructions, and scientific explanations.

Klutz Lego Gear Bots Science/STEM Activity Kit

  • Introductory STEM kit for kids age 8+
  • Build 8 physics-driven kinetic creatures using LEGO Technic bricks and papercraft.
  • Includes every LEGO element you need!
  • STEM content about axles, cams, cranks, engineering in everyday machines is included in the 64-page book, alongside the step-by-step instructions.

4M Tin Can Robot 

  • Introductory STEM kit for kids age 8+
  • No special tools or knowledge required; the kit contains detailed instructions and all the necessary parts.
  • Just add a used soda pop can and let the fun begin.
  • Use the kit to create a silly robot or a motorized monster, or a combination of the two.
  • Requires one AA batteries (not included).

Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, Screen-Free Coding Robot for Kids

  • Introductory robot stem learning tool for kids age 5+
  • Botley features completely screen-free coding: no phone or tablet required. Botley’s easy-to-use remote programmer sends commands and gets him rolling.
  • Botley has the ability to detect objects in front of him and avoid them. He can also follow looping commands, take on obstacle courses, and follow black-line paths

Wonder Workshop Dash – Learning Robot for Kids

  • Introductory robot learning tool for kids age 6+ (with parental assistance)
  • Dash teaches code in kid speak for girls and boys ages 6-11
  • Dash does not contain a camera.
  • In addition to progress tracking for the series of coding puzzles inside Blockly, Class Connect includes 60 story-based, standards-aligned Math activities as well as a virtual Dash robot that kids can program in a rich 3-D environment on screen, allowing reuse and learning as your kid gets older and more advanced

Sphero Mini App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball – STEM Educational Toy

  • Introductory robot learning tool for kids age 8+
  • Beginner learners can drive and play STEM-inspired games with the free Sphero Play App. Drag and drive with Joystick mode, pull back and release with Slingshot mode or tip and rotate your mobile device with Tilt mode. Included with Sphero Mini are 3 traffic cones and 6 bowling pins to inspire obstacle course fun right out of the box.
  • As your kid ages and becomes more advanced, Powered by the free Sphero Edu app, you can create and customize games and code Sphero Mini by drawing on your screen, using drag and drop coding blocks, or writing JavaScript

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