Mobile Robots Expert Witness Services

Are you in need of an expert witness in the robotics space? With over 2 years of experience working at a mobile robotics company, I know what makes a safe robot. There are multiple steps a robotics company can take to ensure the safety of their machine:

  1. Sensor Coverage: Ensuring the software can track the environment surrounding the machine in the direction of motion
  2. Robot Footprint Violation Detection: Ensure the machine can detect if an object or person is making contact with it
  3. Safety Software Refresh Rate: Determining how quickly the safety software can detect contact has been made with a foreign object
  4. Sensor Safety Certification: Ensuring sensors used to determine safety behavior has been safety certified
  5. Robot velocities based on stopping distance and machine weight: Ensuring that in the event of a fast stop, the machine will slow down from its maximum configured velocity in a safe manner.

Determining whether companies adhered to these industry standard principles is something I can help determine. With an undergraduate degree from one of the top computer science schools in the country (U.C Berkeley) and graduate degree with a specialization in robotics from U.C San Diego, I am qualified to provide expert witness services on the topic of robotics and mobile robots.

As more mobile robots enter the public space, it is inevitable there will be a rise in incidents where a mobile robot harms or injures someone. These injuries will be exacerbated in smaller persons such as children. I can ensure accountability in this scenarios and provide fair expert testimony on the practices of the company, reviewing technical materials provided and providing expert commentary.

If your in need of mobile robots expert witness services for a case involving personal injury, email me at

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