A List of Robots in Retail Places

If you’ve been shopping in stores lately, you may see an increasing presence of robots. These robots do everything from cleaning floors to scanning shelves. This helps manage inventory and identify out of stock items so there is always something on the shelf today! In this blog post, we track some robots in retail stores today.

We’ve compiled a list of robots we’ve seen in public stores. Have you seen a robot not in this list? Email us at pericror @ gmail.com.

Sam’s Club Robots

Sam’s club utilizes both robotic floor scrubbers and shelf scanners from Brain Corp. This inventory scan solution allows them to use the same robot to clean the floors at night and scan the inventory during the day.

@deergodcole93 Robot vacuum just cruising around Sams Club. #robot ♬ Ridin’ – Album Version (Edited) – Chamillionaire

Schnucks Robots

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Schnucks has partnered with robotic company Simbe Robotics to use the Tally robot for automated inventory management in its store.

Home Depot Robots

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A Zippedi Inventory Scanning Robot

Home Depot has been spotted fielding some Zippedi robots for inventory management. Once again, these also scan shelves to notify staff of out of stock products.

BJs Robots

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BJs has been seen trialing Badger Technologies, camera based inventory management solution.

Stop & Shop  Robots

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This robot, named “Marty”, was added to Stop & Shop stores and claimed to be to detect spills on the ground, stopping and announcing over built in speakers warning customers. Some ex employees allege that the robot had hidden built in cameras used for security to spy on patrons. This robot, seemingly based on one offered by Badger Technologies, does now offer a camera based inventory management solution.

ShopRite Robots

@enigmaticrose4 Candy Roomba #roomba #shoprite #robot #stuck #shopping #grocerystore #grocery ♬ original sound – Rose

This little robot is made by Relay Robotics and appears to be modified to both lead people places and carry additional food.

Martins Supermarket Robots

@amandawadding2 this robot at the grocery store always gets me lol #martins #robotsweeper #robot ♬ oops! – Yung Gravy

This shelf scanning robot is made by Badger Technologies and is seen in other supermarkets in the U.S.

Walmart USA Robots

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Walmart utilizes the Brain Corp Scrubber for automated floorcare, cleaning the floors on pretrained routes.

Giant Supermarket Robots



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This shelf scanning robot is made by Badger Technologies and is seen in other supermarkets in the U.S.

Walmart Canada Robots

@mitchromancia Racing the new Walmart Robot @Walmart Canada #fyp #storytime #walmart #walmartrobot #robot #trending #viral #foryou ♬ original sound – MITCH ROMANCIA

This robot is made by AvidBots and is a floor scrubber called Neo. Its used to clean the floors autonomously.

Woolworths Robots (Australia)

@adrianwidjy @woolworths_au near me has this robot that look friendly 😂 #woolies #woolworths #placesinsydney #sydney #australia #adayinalife #grocery #haul ♬ original sound – Places in Sydney Foodie

The Robot is similar to the ones from Stop & Shop and is likely based on one offered by Badger Technologies, that now offers a camera based inventory management solution in addition to spill detection with a custom vinyl covering.

Carrefour Robots (Dubai)

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Carrefour is using the Simbe Robotics robot Tally for automated inventory management in its store.

Are these robots taking jobs? No! Actually, due to the labor shortage, employers cannot find employees willing to work these repetitive tasks for months on end. These high churn, repetitive jobs perfect to be replaced by consistent robots.

Why are there robots in my grocery store? Grocery store robots are often equipped with multiple cameras, used

To see the latest robots, check out tikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/discover/robot-in-super-market.

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