Robots At Work

You may be learning about robots at work in school or are interested to learn more about robots at work in 2023. In this post, we’ll be covering existing robots at work from different industries with corresponding videos so you can see them work! These robots help businesses with repetitive or dangerous work by doing work so humans don’t have to. These types of jobs are often called “dirty, dull or dangerous” and are perfect jobs for robots.

A robot to serve you food

Agriculture Farm Robots At Work

Robots are being used for laborious tasks such as picking of food as they can work long hours that a human could not and there is also no physical injury that the robot can face. The robot can identify fruit the same way humans can, using computer vision to see the fruit and then using a robotic arm or custom built picker to pick the fruit. In a controlled environment like a field or indoor farm where the layout is known and humans are not nearby that may be injured, robots are great workers.

Fresh Fruit Robotics Apple Picker

AGROBOT Strawberry Picker

Sweeper Pepper Picker

John Deere Autonomous Tractor

Exploration Robots At Work

Exploration can be dangerous to humans, especially in environments that are not hospitable such as space, underwater, or radiation prone. In such environments where humans cannot live, robots thrive in operating and working.

NASA Mars Rover

Fukushima Reactor Robots

Cleaning Robots At Work

For repetitive jobs such as cleaning floors, where cleaning paths are often the same day after day, it makes sense for a robot to perform these routine repetitive tasks. Purpose built robots are great at working on specific tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming, and scrubbing.

Brain Corp Floor Scrubber

IRobot Roomba Home Vacuum

Factory Production Robots At Work

On production lines, where tasks are known ahead of time and often involve mechanical operations such as lifting, rotating, soldering, mechanical robot arms are ideal. These fixed in place robot arms help produce large objects such as cars.

KUKA Robot Arm

Retail Inventory Robots At Work

Facing labor shortages, retailers are using robots to manage in store inventory, so that products don’t go missing on shelves.

Simbe Robotics Tally

If you would like to start learning how these robots at work are made, start with our intro to robots post.